IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) customer consultation, assessment & recommendations – direct consultation with customers to assess their current situation, key business drivers, and ability to evolve, along with coaching & recommendations to benefit from IIoT.

Network Checkups – process for tech sales to evaluate customers’ overall networks & move them from ad-hoc to scaleable, supportable, and secure infrastructures. Significant sales.

Machine Builder Sales Training – stakeholders & buying behaviors are dramatically different than end users. This training shares those differences and sales strategies to succeed.

Changing the Conversation – significant initiative to help sales force evolve from selling components in a highly competitive environment to selling entire infrastructure solutions with more share of wallet, and few competitors. Training, Sales Tools, Incentive Upgrades.

Omni-channel Sales Design / integrated marketing & sales – analysis & design of inside, outside, digital sales processes. Included “stop, start, continue” actions and gaps to fill for each.

Sales Tool Effectiveness Evaluation – audited current usage, value, and effectiveness of many tools & sales publications to select and invest in best few for specific parts of the sales cycle.

OBE (out of box experience) – usability study / customer journey mapping from system selection, order, receive, install, and configure a system to the point of “hello”.

IT/OT Convergence – established  analysis model and focus sessions to explore this mega-trend. Established product developments, systems lab, standards work with 2 industry giants.

Cyber-security Architecture Assessment – similar to network checkups above. Free evaluation that provides scaleable, supportable, secure infrastructure along with significant sales.

Analytics Adoption & Use – trained & led upgrade of processes for traditional outside sales force to use analytics software to identify ideal target customers, declining customers, purchasing gaps & more.

Product Launch Process Improvement – redesign of traditional “one-size-fits-all” launch process to identify true customer value and differentiation for each new product/service launch with custom action plans  & metrics to clearly quantify effectiveness.

Mission Impossible – 2 hour hands-on seminar highlighting the integration between electrical drawing, controller programming and operator interface configuration.