A workshop to address your company’s challenges and opportunities.


If you’re sensing that the typical stream of business noise you hear has turned either into a deafening roar or scary silence, and you have the impression that you need to do something before an invisible business force devours you, you’re not in a scary movie. You ARE in good company.

The marketplace is facing the largest changes in our lifetime with Baby Boomers retiring, worker shortages occupying hours of our day, and a customer base who’s behavior is changing so fast we don’t know them, and they don’t know us anymore.   

Add to that a dizzying amount of hype around IIoT… the Industrial Internet of Things… with technologies and business claims that sound too good to be true, and a voice in your head (or from your boss) telling you to do something or risk becoming irrelevant.

If the changes you’re seeing and technology behind IIoT weren’t real, we wouldn’t have created this workshop. We’d all be doing something else.

Come spend a few hours with other leaders to understand what’s really happening, and to determine how your company might respond to these changes and opportunities. The workshop is interactive and contains some activities to help you evaluate your own company needs and form a practical action plan.


At this interactive workshop, you will:

  • Sort out fact vs. hype about IIoT technologies and relevant changes in the market & workforce
  • Assess your own company’s largest challenges, biggest levers affecting your success
  • Determine how IIoT technologies might be used to address your largest threats & best opportunities.
  • Gain insights from other leaders also attending the workshop

Who Should Attend:

Business, IT, OT and Product Management leaders tasked with determining how IIoT technologies can be applied to help address their business threats and challenges.


  • Introduction
  • Old & New Business Challenges Exercise
  • The Changing Workforce & Other Insane Business Challenges
  • IIoT – Sorting out the Perfect Storm of Technologies
  • Possibilities Enabled by IIoT Technologies
  • Your Largest Threats & Opportunities
  • Next Steps – basis of an action plan

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