A workshop to match your company’s activities
to your customer’s ideal interaction
… for business leaders.


Your customer base is changing the way it interacts with your company and others. Older “Baby Boomer” workers are retiring or have left due to LEAN, or dips in the economy. Many are not being replaced, and roles are recast in ways that may not make sense.  Newer workers don’t know your company, your people, or your history with them that made you a preferred supplier.

Its likely that your customers still need your products and services, but they WAY they want to work with you has changed. Outside Sales struggles to get appointments. Your Inside Sales Team’s calls to customers are treated like robo-calls. And inbound callers to Customer Service or your Inside Team expect immediate answers to technical and commercial questions. While you’ve spent a bundle on both traditional and digital marketing, neither seems to be producing the results you need.

Take heart, your market’s not shrinking and your customers haven’t turned into terrible people, they have simply changed the way they do projects and interact with companies like yours.

This workshop is designed to help you and your team to identify and understand what’s different, and determine how to adjust your company’s processes and teamwork to match and exceed your customers’ expectations, and attract numerous others to drive overall business success.


At this workshop, you will:

  • Review changes in your customers’ behavior
  • Map their ideal project lifecycle including your company’s interaction
  • Determine how to modify your processes to match their ideal interaction and exceed their expectations… including Millennials, Baby Boomers & others.  
  • Create an achievable action plan and metrics for success

Who Should Attend:

Management and representatives from each customer-facing group, including outside sales, inside sales, marketing, customer service, application engineering, and technical support.


  • Introduction
  • Changes Exercise
  • Your Customers & Their Preferred Project Journeys
  • Mapping and Re-Mapping Customer Journey With Your Company
  • Creating an Action Plan & Metrics for Success
  • Next Steps

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About Business-Sense-LLC:

Brian Oulton, Founder & President, has worked with Rockwell Automation, Cisco, Belden/Hirschmann, Rexnord, and hundreds of industrial & high-tech customers, channels and partners worldwide for over 30 years in a variety of Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Business Management, and Training roles.  He has created and led over 20 strategic initiatives and was responsible for strategy development and execution for significant divisions at Rockwell Automation and Belden, affecting over $4B in annual revenues.