A workshop for defining your needs, uses, and metrics for your website & associated digital marketing activities.

Many companies invest in new and upgraded websites at great expense. Many times, the site doesn’t do quite what you or others expect, and often the business results are disappointing.


Often, early design discussions focus on the latest look and feel, navigation, content, technology, and major functions. None of these will produce the results you expect without first carefully clarifying the role your site will play when customers and co-workers interact with it and each other. Most miss these steps. This workshop delivers these critical pieces.

Whether you’re ready to begin an update or upgrade, you’ve just completed one, or even if you’re somewhere in between, this workshop will help ensure your website IS contributing to your business’ success and working with each of your company’s departments appropriately.


At this workshop, you will:

  • Clearly define and prioritize the needs, uses, and metrics for your website that will contribute to your business success
  • Map ideal customer behavior through their project cycle, MRO acquisition and other touchpoints, including interaction with the website and other groups in your company. (customer journey mapping)
  • Ensure your website and promotional activities works for Millennials vs. driving them away
  • Develop an achievable, prioritized action plan that includes website improvements and process changes
  • Obtain a common understanding of the goals, plans and priorities for your company’s website and digital activities.

Who Should Attend:

Please include key representatives from all customer-facing groups including Marketing, Outside & Inside Sales, Application Engineering, Technical Support, Customer Service, and Management.


  • Introduction & Expectation Exercise
  • Your Customers & Their Journeys Through Your Company
  • Defining Key Attributes that Matter & How to Measure Success
  • Creating & Prioritizing Actions
  • Next Steps

For Scheduling, Pricing and More:  

Business Sense LLC
Brian Oulton

About Business-Sense-LLC:

Brian Oulton, Founder & President, has worked with Rockwell Automation, Cisco, Belden/Hirschmann, Rexnord, and hundreds of industrial & high-tech customers, channels and partners worldwide for over 30 years in a variety of Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Business Management, and Training roles.  He has created and led over 20 strategic initiatives and was responsible for strategy development and execution for significant divisions at Rockwell Automation and Belden, affecting over $4B in annual revenues.