A program for developing the next corporate leaders.


Corporate management and developing leaders from business management, product development, finance, marketing, and other disciplines are likely to touch some parts of your company’s strategy and subsequent strategic initiatives. They may be asked to gather market & customer data, create reports, create roadmaps, or contribute to a part your company’s annual strategic planning process. For too many companies, people with these assignments don’t have the skills, education or experience required to contribute to the formation of winning strategies and initiatives.

There are many courses that talk strategy and share models, concepts and terminology, but few address how to actually think and work strategically in a corporate environment. That’s exactly what this program is designed to do.

Beyond the proven processes, tools, and theory that are included, this program directly addresses the thinking needed to analyze markets, competition, your business, and customers to derive important and relevant insights and innovation needed to create, execute & measure successful strategies and initiatives. It provides practical advice and practice to ensure that communication, teamwork and contributions are appropriate and effective for the situation, and can deliver a core team of leaders with a new set of skills and knowledge ready to take on challenging next roles, initiatives, or leadership positions.

This program is highly customizable for your corporation and was initially designed for 3-4  days with end-of-the-day, after-hours, or days-in-between team assignments. 


Attendees will be able to:

  • Gain key insights by analyzing your markets, competitors, your own company, customers, and potential customers.
  • Create a vision that others want to follow, strategies for sustainable business success, execution plans to achieve the strategy, and metrics to mark progress and identify issues and correct them.
  • Ask questions that matter, identify innovative ideas, have great discussions, and apply proven tools and processes that contribute substantially to your company and professional success.

Who Should Attend:

Corporate management and next generation corporate leaders who are challenged to:

  • Think, talk, and work more strategically
  • Influence and lead increasingly larger and more diverse groups
  • Find that breakthrough insight and develop the strategy to succeed


  • Those individuals identified by your company as having leadership potential, or current leaders with potential to “level up”
  • Sponsorship from each participant’s direct supervisor and/or company sponsor


  • Overview / Analogy
  • Important “Safety Tips” – Defining the Right Scope & Constraints
  • Understanding The Market
  • Understanding The Competition
  • Understanding Your Business
  • Understanding Customers / Potential Customers
  • Creating a Vision
  • Forming a Strategy
  • Creating an Action Plan
  • Building Your Team
  • Your Metrics for Success

Processes, Tools and Models Used (partial list):

  • Alignment, Scope & Constraints – measures of success, objectives, constraints
  • Market – definition, adjacencies, segmentation, movement, sizing, TAM/PAM/SAM/SOM
  • Competition – landscape, position, movement, tendencies, 4-ps of their offer, strategy
  • Your company – portfolio mix/z model, 80/20 analysis, SWOT
  • Customers – segment, application, VoC key requirements, valued differentiation
  • Vision, Strategy – VSEM, 4-Ps
  • Action Plans & Metrics

For Scheduling, Pricing and More:  

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