Like any business, results need to be measured. Our company delivers sustainable results… guaranteed. Here are a few of them:

Transformed  a global sales force to sell solutions vs. components and target higher-level decision makers, impacting >$1B.

Partnered with a global giant technology company to enter a new market, produce a new $150M business and lead market share.

Entered a new market with partners, design advice, warranty, and pricing to deliver $10M+ in new business in 2-3 years.

Drove adoption of a key technology globally with 3rd party partners & competitors for a 3:1 market lead & 1M unit sales.

Designed usability for new award winning software product enabling a $1B core business.

Accelerated new product platform adoption to drive over $3B in sales.

Created and executed the strategy to capture leading share in Ethernet, cybersecurity, and wireless $1B+ markets. 

Optimized sales effectiveness with new global sales tools, streamlined processes and incentives, & training. Improved sales efficiency by 20% and win rate by 15%.

Designed an Omni-Channel sales solution incorporating inside, outside sales and digital and traditional marketing to match customer project preferences and create hi-quality $15M funnel.

Initiated acquisitions, developments, and promotion in an immature & chaotic cybersecurity market for 2x organic growth and >$100M in business.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash